Lodge on the Lake Competition (North Elevation) Nino Bellantonio/Janet Thomson - AIL Studio


Architects are regulated by statute in each State and Territory of Australia. To use the title ‘Architect’ a person must be registered in the State or Territory in which they intend to practice. Architects on a State or Territory register have completed an accredited qualification in architecture or equivalent, undertaken a period of practical experience and passed the AACA Architectural Practice Examination.

There are eight State and Territory architect registration Boards in Australia. Under Australian Commonwealth, State/Territory mutual recognition legislation an Architect registered in any Australian jurisdiction, or in New Zealand, may apply for registration in other jurisdictions within Australia and New Zealand.  Click here to visit the State and Territory architect registration Boards.

The eight State and Territory architect registration Boards are Nominating Bodies of the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA).  AACA was established by the Boards to ensure national consistency in the pathways that lead to registration as an Architect in Australia. .

AACA is the national body responsible for establishing, advocating and promoting national standards in the practice on architecture for the benefit of the Australian community. Click here to visit the AACA website.